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Phase Performance
that Endures

What is Junflon MWX® ?

Junkosha is a pioneer of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across a broad selection of industries, including the microwave interconnect sectors. With a core message of ‘phase performance that endures’, our MWX range of microwave coaxial cable assemblies are flexible signal transmission lines that take advantage of the excellent properties of PTFE and are used in applications up to 120 GHz. In addition, they are ideal for use with Vector Network Analyzers for precision measurement requirements. Overall, Junkosha offers a wide range of highly reliable assemblies for micro/millimeter wave applications that are tailored to customers’ needs.

What is "Phase Performance that Endures"?


Microwave coaxial cables are subject to phase changes, which are caused by either bending the cables or from temperature fluctuations.


Our cables are extremely flexible and feature a high degree of phase reproducibility.


The result is cabling that has excellent durability and maintains phase stability for a long period of time.

Products & Applications

Products for measurement

Products for measurement image

Our cables feature excellent phase stability and include properties that are appropriate for the purpose of measurements in a microwave measurement environment, such as heat resistance, mechanical flexibility and durability.

Products for wiring between equipment

Products for wiring between equipment image

These cable assemblies utilize expanded PTFE as the dielectric material, providing high phase stability in environments with fluctuating temperatures.

We provide a wide variety of cables with different maximum usable frequencies and insertion losses.

Products Applications

  • Measurement of semiconductor wafer devices
  • Base stations for 5G next-generation communications (communication base stations)
  • Military and defense (radar equipment)
  • Applications in Space
  • Signal integrity
  • Digital protocol testing
  • High-frequency interconnects (flexible internal wiring of measurement instruments)
  • Broadcasting
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Case Studies

The Secret of Junkosha: we enable technology innovators

Our mantra – indeed the name Junkosha – is based on three Japanese characters that spell out the fact “we contribute to society’s development through technology”. This is taken one step further in our relationship with customers, partners and suppliers whereby our mission is to “enable technology innovators” through our products and the way we do business.

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